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Ntsako Portfolio

About us

Ntsako Portfolio was started in the year 2019 with the mission of providing multi sectoral service provision from transport to hospitality and right across to travel and tourism but in a unique and diverse system. It just started with a dream. The dream of providing a service with a clear consience and with the joy and art of doing what one knows better and whole heartedly. 

The Name "Ntsako,"is a word derived from the Xitsonga dialect from Southern Africa and it means "Happy."

This word means a lot to us at Ntsako, we believe, the best service is offered with a happy heart and is received with happy hands that makes the heart happy. 
And only this is what drives us across all portfolios in Ntsako; at NLAIV, at Ntsako Travel Africa, at Ntsako Wa Wena. 

The Vision

The Mission

The mission of the organisation is The Story of Ntsako Portfolio